You might be interested in modeling for me!!  Great!!

I have put this document together to get us started on the path towards this goal.

I have been working at my photography for close to 20 or more years now and I am very passionate about the work I do.  Over the last couple of years, I have steadily been getting busier with shoots to the point that it occasionally becomes more stressful than enjoyable.  So, I am putting together this “contract” (for a lack of better word) to put forth a clear understanding of what I can offer and what I expect in return. 

First and foremost, I believe in providing a shoot that does not pressure you into an activity or shot that you are uncomfortable doing. I do my best to show examples of my work before we shoot, and I discuss with you the direction we plan to take the shoot.  I ask for communication from you be honest and true to yourself and to communicate any issues you have clearly and up front.  I am a very busy individual between my family, job and art.  Therefore, surprises can be very problematic down the line.

It is my prime goal that you leave the shoot feeling better about yourself and great about the work that we have done together, regardless of the goals, final products, or intent of the shoot.  If I can not reach this goal, then to me the shoot was a failure.   I set a very high standard, because I believe in the power of photography and art to express inner emotion, to help heal, and to facilitate growth.  I don’t want my work to simply be an avenue to titillation.

After the shoot you will receive the following from me:

  1. I will work efficiently and quickly to get you every editable image to you in a reasonable time frame.   I always ask for 2 weeks, but often get pictures back to people within 2-3 days.  If for any reason I have to have a prolonged editing session, I will clearly communicate to you as such, including the reasons for the delay and when I expect to be done with your shoot.
  2. I will respect you during the communication before the shoot, responding as quickly as I can, during the shoot, and after the shoot.  As many of my projects require painting or other additions to the body, I will touch respectfully when necessary and if not in the process of adorning the body, you will be warned before I do so, and in those cases generally only in non-sensitive areas with your permission.
  3. I will do my best to give you a high-quality product that is worthy of your time and effort and in great enough quantity to give you selection of images that you may like better than I, not just the images that I like the most.  What I also promise is to not give out my trash.  What I mean by that statement is that if an image is poorly composed, out of focus, or just a poor image I will not edit it or send it out to anyone.
  4. Unless I am using the image in a self-published book or Gallery art show, I will contact you before submitting your image (s) to any third-party publisher.  I do try to contact you when I use your images for my books or art shows, but as you will see below, I do expect that you understand that is my primary goal in taking the images.
  5. I will allow you to use the images however you want, and will provide you with high-quality web versions as well as full resolution edits should you desire to print any of your images out.  It would be my preference that you not sell the images, but if you feel the need to sell my images, please make sure you sign across the face and do not print larger than 8*10 for sale.  Any Fine art sales should be through me.  
  6. I will credit you however you decide you wish to be credited.  If you want to remain anonymous, I will be happy to do keep you so.  If you are nude and only want images used in my work where you are unidentifiable or your face is hidden, I can do that.  However, I cannot change what is put out into the world after it has been put out there, so it is important that you make those decisions either when you shoot with me, or when I return the images to you.  My preference is to know this information before we do the shoot.
  7. If for any reason I have to cancel, I will let you know as soon as I know I have to cancel, and preferably at least 24 hours ahead of time.  If I do have to cancel at the last minute, I will do my best to contact you immediately so that you know what is going on so that you are not worrying or traveling and being left in the blind.  If you wish this to be by phone you will need to provide me with your phone number.
  8. I will confirm with you the date and time of our shoot, and may even confirm the nature of the shoot the week of the shoot, or slightly before.  If I have booked you a considerable time in adance, you may get more than one request for confirmation as we get closer to the shoot.  This is often so that I use my time as efficiently as possible.  Please respond to any requests for confirmation within 48 hours of them being sent.  If for some reason you are unable to do the shoot, this gives me time to try to use that time for someone else.  If I have not heard from you with in 48 hours of my message, I will assume that you are not desiring to shoot and I will cancel our shoot so that I can use that time better.

General expectations of you as the subject of the shoot:

  1. Clear and open communication.  My photography depends on you being honest with yourself and me about what you expect from the shoot and what your boundaries are in relation to the shoot.  It also gives me a better idea of what category you fall into (paid work or gratis)
  2. If you have to cancel for any reason, I expect you to contact me as soon as you know you have to cancel.  Preferably this is at least 48 hours before the shoot, but if an emergency happens at the last minute I certainly understand.  Either way, please contact me.  When you don’t, I waste that time, sit at studio waiting for you, and often wonder if you have been in a bad car accident.
  3. If you no show without contacting me, then I will not reschedule with you in the future without a deposit of 50 dollars up front.
  4. If you post an image on social media, I expect you to keep my signature (trademark) on the image and visible, if this is not possible, I understand, but do make every effort.
  5. If you post on social media, I expect to be tagged in the image with the appropriate account name.

Expectations of Models that I am working with for free.

  1. To be clear, my artwork will almost always require some level of nudity or exposure of the skin, including the breasts and pubic area. Not every shot will include these parts of your body, but in general working with someone for the art I do is easier and more comfortable if you are able to be comfortable being nude.
  2. I expect you to understand that by working with me for free you are entitled to all of the points listed above as my promises to you, but that I will be using your images for my artwork.  If you know up front that you don’t want to be included in third party submissions (magazines and other books beyond the ones that I have published), then please tell me up front.
  3. I want you to tell me who you are bringing to the shoot.  I don’t mind escorts to a shoot, but I prefer it not be someone you are romantically involved with. A shoot works best when it is a clear interaction between photographer and model.  Romantically involved partners often bring other emotions into the room that will affect the overall outcome of your shoot.  I will never tell you that you can’t bring an escort, including your partner, but I do want to know who will be at the shoot before you come to the shoot.
  4. I expect that you will be open with your communication before, and during the shoot.  I want to know about what you are uncomfortable about as soon as you are uncomfortable or preferably before you are ever uncomfortable.  This helps avoid a lot of problems down the road.
  5. Most of all, I want you to have fun with the shoot and be proud of what you do!

If you are unable to meet the expectations that I have outlined above, that is perfectly understandable.  I am always available for hire.

  1. If you are unable to meet the criteria of a free shoot or just want more control over you shoot, then it becomes a paid shoot.  My rates are as follows.
    1. There is a 100-dollar deposit to reserve the spot, which can be paid through pay pal or in cash if you would like to meet.
    2. If you want to be painted, there is a 100 dollar charge to cover time and materials.
    3. Shoot time is 150 dollars an hour and will include your edits. (A two hour shoot usually yields greater than 150 edited images)
    4. You will still get all of the promises I make as a photographer at the beginning of this document.
    5. I will not post or use your photographs in my portfolio unless you want me to, and give me permission to.
    6. If the shoot requires a prolonged timeline, or the rental of resources, those expenses will be charged to you.
    7. I do expect clear communication on what you are expecting and what your goals for the shoot will be.
    8. I do not do erotic shoots or porn.  If this is your goal or end desire, then I might not be the right photographer for you.  I don’t mind doing boudoir or exploring sexuality at times but it must be tasteful.

If you have made it this far, I am happy to talk to you or answer any questions.  I look forward to working with you in whatever capacity you find suitable. 😊

Daniel Love